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The London Fire Brigade evacuated 30 residents after a building on High Street in Hampton Hill caught fire

About 30 residents have been evacuated and part of a building has been destroyed following a suspected explosion.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) said it was called to a fire after the suspected blast on High Street in Hampton Hill, south-west London, on Tuesday night.

On social media, people spoke of hearing a “boom” and a wall being “obliterated”. No-one was injured.

Road closures remain in place at the scene, Richmond Council said.

Workers at the site believe a “fault in a nearby electricity box” sparked an explosion. LFB has not confirmed the cause.

Local resident Victoria Rowland-Moore said it felt like a “sonic boom”.

“It blew up the pavement from underneath, causing an extension on the local estate agent’s building to fall down,” she said.

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